Forum Alumni Swedia in Indonesia is officially established


The Indonesian Swedish Alumni Forum is now officially established, as per May 4th, 2013.

Alumni Swedia as a group was established as early as 2007.

When it was first established as a group, Alumni Swedia was merely in a form of mailing list. In 2008, the Indonesian students in Sweden then re-established Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Swedia (PPI Swedia) or Indonesian Student Association in Sweden. PPI Indonesia Swedia got in touch with Alumni Swedia, and since then, close cooperation between the two groups was created.

Together with the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia, Eva Polano, and the Swedish Business Community

At the same time, the number of Indonesian students in Sweden increases, and so does the number of Sweden Indonesian alumni. Forum Alumni Swedia also stays in close contact with the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the alumni have been invited in many events organized by the Swedish Embassy.

This year the Forum Alumni Swedia was established as a formal organization, and elected its first Chairman and his cabinet. The programs that are planned to be organized this year include organizing a Swedish Culture Show, Swedish Education Exhibition, and organizing seminars in cooperation with external organization and/or companies in Indonesia.

To celebrate this occasion, Ms. Eva Polano, the Swedish Ambassador in Jakarta, invited both the members of Forum Alumni Swedia and the members of Swedish Business Community to a link-and-match dinner last week. The dinner was the first step towards a solid and fruitful cooperation between the Forum Alumni Swedia and the Swedish Business Community.



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