Fritz Hansen’s world biggest store opened in China

The furnitures designed by Jaime Hayon, the designer of Fritz Hansen’s world biggest store opened in China
(Photo: Fritz Hansen’s official website)

Fritz Hansen, an iconic Danish furniture design company, launched its store for the first time in China and it was also the largest Fritz Hansen’s store in the world.

Designed by Jaime Hayon, a Spanish artist designer, a 1,000-square-metre showroom was located in Xi’an to fulfill the company’s ambition to become “the biggest Danish brand in China”.

Dario Reicherl, the brand’s Asia CEO, told Dezeen, the architecture and design magazine, that the new store was a statement of Fritz Hansen’s ambitions for expansion in the Chinese market.

“[In China] you always need to find a way to be new, never done before – you need to create an experience,” Reicherl told Dezeen.

“Through a series of steps, I believe we can be the biggest Danish brand in China in a couple of years.”

Fritz Hansen’s big ambition to make its store in China came from the intention to serve an incresing demand of Chinese people who wanted to have high-quality and well-designed products for their home.

Lars Hardboe Galsgaard, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Fritz Hansen told Dezeen that “It will definitely be the biggest market and economy in the world in terms of private consumption and commercial consumption within a few years.

“So if you look at that marketplace, we needed to move here. We need to be part of that and we need to be part of defining design, furniture and lifestyle in China.”

Xi’an showroom was decorated with high ceilings and cozy atmostphere from warm colours on the walls. At the moment, the customers walked into the store, they would feel a “temple”-like aesthetic that was the intention of the designer, Hayon.

“When I entered [the space] for the first time, it was like a temple, it’s so high, you’ve got this possibility to express yourself in an interesting way. I used the industrial gut of it to contrast to the softness and the beauty and the organic shapes that we created inside.” Hayon told Dezeen.

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