Get updated on the situation in China with SwedCham and PSU China

SwedCham China invites its members for China News Flash on 8 October. 

Swedcham’s China News Flash is a collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China and the security consultancy PSU China to offer SwedCham members a regular, valuable, and time-efficient update on the situation in China. 

The webinar will be short and time-efficient, focusing on the following areas:

· Current situation covid-19, China

· Border entry and quarantine,

· Travels within China, a provincial update on restrictions

· Analysis of the week, key recommendations

· Special guest. Weekly guest focusing on finance, politics, logistics, and commerce.

Special Guest of the month: Francine Hadjisotiriou, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China – General Manager South China Chapter.

Find more information and sign up here

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