Swedish Food Network and DCCC visited Danish Crowns in Pinghu

The Swedish Food Network and DCCC recently partnered up with Danish Crown and hosted a visit to Danish Crowns pork processing facility in Pinghu, China.

About the visit, SwedCham China has posted this update on behalf of the Swedish Food Network:

The Swedish Food Network has a close interaction with our Nordic colleagues in their networks. A joint event was organized with DCCC and hosted by Danish Crown. The Visit to Danish Crowns pork processing facility in Pinghu, Zhejiang province about an hour from Shanghai.
The state of the art plant of 17,000 sq. m. started up last year and is built to produce 14,000 tons of product per year. Danish Crown plans to build similar factories in other Chinese metropolitan cities within a few years. In addition to their Chinese cut products Danish Crown now also has amazing Danish bacon, pulled pork, pork ribs, and sausages in stores.

Danish Crown pork products account for 22% of Danish exports to China and 4% of total Danish Export.

After a plant tour and enjoyable tasting session, the online tracking company Smart Path did a presentation on the development of the online consumer market.

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