Growing interest in Swedish Blueair: remedy for smog-suffering Malaysians

With the current grey smog enveloping Malaysia, Sweden’s Blueair has warned Malaysians that the health danger of indoor air pollution is widely underestimated. The company said seeking safety indoors from the current grey smog enveloping Malaysia is no guarantee of protection from the health threatening particles caused by forest fires in Indonesia. Blueair has the remedy for this situation, offering its indoor air cleaning technology.

Blueair1“Scientific research reveals indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than that outside, which is why Blueair’s high-performance air purifiers offer a lifeline to householders and businesses alike who want protection from the smoggy particles enveloping Malaysia,” says Jonas Holst, Head of Blueair Asia.

Mr. Holst noted that the classic Blueair 600 series will blitz smoke, dust and other airborne contaminants, cleaning the air in a 700 sq. foot room every 12 minutes of toxic particles and other pollutants. He added that while citizens can do little about the hazardous smog surrounding them outside, people can use Blueair’s air purifiers to create safer havens at home, offices and in public buildings such as schools or hospitals to protect themselves.

Blueair air cleaners regularly win top marks for their ‘extreme efficiency’ in cleaning indoor air, most recently in an independent test in the U.S.A. carried out by a leading airborne particle physicist for Fast Company magazine. Following exhaustive testing using state-of-the-art equipment, a Blueair air purifier with a Smokestop filter was found to be “the best at cleaning air as quickly as possible”.

Alexander Blomqvist, Blueair Partner Account Manager for Malaysia, said indoor air can become so bad that it has been compared to placing your head inside a plastic bag filled with toxic fumes. He said interest in Blueair air purifiers is growing considerably throughout Malaysia.

“We are happy many Malaysians are now enjoying a cleaner, healthier indoor environment with the help of Blueair air cleaners that work 24/7, using little electricity, to make their homes and workplaces safer places to be by removing harmful airborne pollution,” Mr. Blomqvist said.

In Malaysia Blueair air purifiers are sold by Visionary Solutions, which specializes in selling highly innovative, modern and superior home solutions.

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