Newcomers and “old and wise” were welcomed by Dancham in Danish style

Dancham Executive Director Carsten Cartstedt listening to Jens Broechner – D2 Real estate.

Thursday 24 September 2015, the legendary Danish restaurant “Stable Lodge” in Bangkok was filled with Danish ”hygge”. At the entrance, a giant version of Arne Jacobsen’s classic wooden Royal Guard soldier wearing his characteristic bearskin headpiece and Dannebrog in his hand, invited members and friends of Dancham in to a cheerful Welcome Home-party arranged by Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. If it wasn’t for the hot temperature and the English language one could easily have forgotten we were actually in Thailand.

On the veranda, guests were handed a sticker with either a label marked ”New in town”, “Old and Wise”, “Young and energized”, or a unnamed label that you would have to fill in yourself. With the “newest in town”-guest only being in Bangkok for 7 days, this was a network initiative from Dancham to make people connect.

The traditional ”smoerrebroed” was arranged as mini-burgers and served as fingerfood along with Danish ”frikadeller” (=meatballs) and Danish beer. The evening was sponsored by D2 Real Estate, and included exciting competitions with prizes sponsored by Royal Copenhagen and Jacob Jensen. A photo-competition of the best mood picture from the evening was the reason why people suddenly gave their smartphones loads of attention.

Excited guests tried to upload the best mood picture for a photo-competition during the evening.

Both “Young and Energized” and ”Old and Wise” guests attended the Danish evening. Business cards and practical Bangkok-tips were shared along with Danish ”skål” (=cheers) in a great atmosphere. Altogether Danish Thai-Chamber of Commerce and sponsors made a party-evening in best Danish style.

The buffet was delicious. Suddenly, it was all gone 🙂

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