Heat in the Nordics breaks several records

Asia is not the only place where sun and sweat are daily companions. This year the summer in the Nordic countries has smashed record after record.

The unusual heat started already in May, where a surprising number of sunny days did not seem to end. That makes it the hottest May ever in Sweden as well in Denmark, beating a Danish record from 1889.  In Norway May 2018 is the warmest in 118 years. In Finland it is the longest periods of warm days in May ever, as meteorologists recorded 13 straight days of temperatures at 25 °C or warmer.

In June the heat took a short break in northern Sweden, and rushed over South Sweden, making June 2018 one of the hottest in a century in the southern parts of Sweden. In Denmark and Norway, June 2018 became the warmest ever.

Norway continued breaking records in July, as July 2018 is the hottest in Norwegian history. Finland could also write July 2018 into the history books as the warmest ever.

The temperature in Sweden did not pass the record of 38 °C from 1933, but the average temperature in July was still 3-5 °C hotter than usual. That made the highest point of the country, a glacier on the Kebnekaise mountain, melt so it no longer is the nation’s tallest point.

Click on the map to see the highest temperature this summer in the Nordic countries:

Even though many have enjoyed the warm weather, it also has consequences. The heat and lack of rain have started several big forest fires in Sweden and in Denmark and Norway farmers do not have food enough for their animals.

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