Huawei is disappointed with the Swedish court’s ruling

In a press release, Huawei regrets the Swedish Administrative Court’s ruling upholding a ban against the Chinese telecom giant selling 5G equipment in Sweden, which they believe is contrary to Swedish and EU law, media Expressen reports.

About the ruling, Kenneth Fredriksen, head of Huawei’s Nordic division said, “We respect the ruling, but are of course disappointed with the administrative court’s decision which means that we continue to be excluded from the Swedish 5G market. We have been active in Sweden for 20 years and have contributed to Swedish digitalization. Huawei will now evaluate and analyze the ruling, its consequences for Huawei’s operations in Sweden, and how we can best continue to take advantage of Huawei’s and our customers’ rights and work for our right to continue to be part of the Swedish market.”

Huawei has appealed the decisions in two cases now concerning their 5G license. The Administrative Court decided last week to reject Huawei’s appeal. The company now has another opportunity to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal in Stockholm, which they are considering.

In an May interview regarding the ban, China’s ambassador Gui Congyou said, “I do not want to comment on the lawsuit concerning Huawei. But Sweden’s ban on Huawei is a political decision. This means that normal economic cooperation is politicized and done concerning security, and that is ideological. We oppose this. The ban is based on hypotheses and is not based on facts and lacks evidence.” Further, the Ambassador expressed his hope that the Swedish government would correct a wrong decision and offer a suitable business environment for Chinese companies in Sweden.

When Expressen reached the Ambassador for comment following the recent appeal rejection, the Ambassador had no further comments. “We pay attention to the administrative court’s ruling. We believe that you are aware of the position of the Chinese side. We have no new comments,” the ambassador wrote in an email to Expressen.

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