Im Nielsen and mom finally granted residence permit in Denmark

Im and Suthida Nielsen have finally been granted residence permits in Denmark, three months after they were deported to Thailand. Up until the residence permits came through, both of them had been re-admitted to Denmark on tourist visas. The reason for the long wait for the right to live in Denmark was due to the fact that it took time for the new immigration law to enter into force, before Im and Suthida Nielsen could get the official approval.

Photo: Tv2 Nord
Photo: Tv2 Nord

The story caused an uproar in Denmark, back in November 2013, when the two initially got deported, because Suthida Nielsen´s Danish husband died and the immigration laws at that time made it impossible for them to stay in the country.The Danish Parliament quickly amended the laws, which has now taken effect.

Source: Tv2 Nord

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