In Scandinavia April’s Fool is harmless fun but in Thailand it may land you in jail

In the Nordic and other parts of the world, it is an annual custom that news and media sites along with individuals post April Fool’s jokes and hoaxes on 1 April. However, if you reside in Thailand, local media, The Thaiger warns that April Fool’s jokes, pranks, and hoaxes are not allowed to be shared on social media in Thailand. And as the media state, “No, it’s not a joke!.”

According to the Technology Crime Suppression Division, or TCSD, some April Fool’s jokes posted online are considered “fake news” that mislead the public, and sharing “fake news” breaks Thai law. This means that April Fool’s jokes posted on social media could either land you in Thai prison or slapped with a hefty fine for violating the country’s much criticized Computer Crime Act.

The Thaiger writes that “The TCSD warns the public to be careful when posting or sharing news on social media that have a jail sentence and a fine.”

Recently, the police in Thailand have been cracking down on misleading posts related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the political protests, with more attention to posts that incite public agitation. “The TCSD warns not to share April Fool’s jokes related to Covid-19 because it “incites panic,” The Thaiger reports.

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