DCCC East webinar: Risk Management in the New Normal 8 April

Danish Chamber of Commerce in China invites you to their upcoming webinar covering ‘Risk Management in the New Normal’ on 8 April.

The invitation reads:

DCCC is honored to co-host with CanCham, FBCS, and Benelux Chamber of Commerce to present you Risk Management In The New Normal on April 8 at Kartel Private Lounge.

As China and its economic market are slowly recovering from the pandemic crisis, the Chinese government has passed new regulations to serve and stimulate the investment market. It can be seen as the most crucial time for your business to get a deeper understanding of these beneficial policies and aim for cost efficiency during the post-Covid-19 phase.

Businesses should not forget risks including financial risks, strategy risks, and business risks when they are operating in these times. The goal is to be able to utilize different cost-saving mechanisms while mitigating risks to build a business that is more resilient and sustainable.

 We are delighted to welcome three experts to give information on the following points:

Jack Wu, Partner at Acadia Advisory Group

  • Introduce tax breaks available to SMEs and companies doing business in the encouraged industries
  • Discuss general savings in daily business operations

Alice (Qiao) Peng, Partner at R&P China Lawyers

  • Best practices to manage legal risk in terms of compliance
  • Ways of reducing the legal risk in a government investigation

Marc Burban, Founder and General Manager of Asian Risks Management Services Ltd

  • How to cover the legal liability of officers and all persons in managing or decision making position in a company when it comes to :
  • Accounting issues including HR
  • Violation of laws and criminal liabilities

 Amanda Han (Moderator), Director of Business Development and Marketing at Asian Risks Management Services Ltd

Event Details

Date & Time:

April 8th, 18.30-22:00pm


Kartel Private Lounge

Floor 5, 1 North Xiangyang Road, Shanghai


Members: RMB150

Non-Member: RMB200

Tickets include snacks and 2 drinks!

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  1. Each venture will have its own types of sensitive areas. It’s important to plan for every contingency so that you are prepared and ready to act to save a venture if that needs to happen. Insurance is your end of the road protection when all else has failed. However business risk management, if well applied, can prevent you from getting to this stage entirely, and instead see your ideas and plans come into reality, no matter what obstacles came in the way.

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