Indonesia and Malaysia among the world’s worst debt collectors

In a recently published report by analyst firm Euler Hermes, Indonesia and Malaysia ranks as some of the worst countries in the world to collect debt, based on the complexity of debt collecting.

Global ranking of debt collecting complexity

The analysis looks at several parameters such as local court proceedings and local payment practices for fifty countries, gave them a score from 0-100, 0 being perfect debt collection and 100 being worst, and then ranked the countries.

Malaysia ranks as the 3rd worst country for debt collectors, while Indonesia ranks as the 7th.

On the other side of the scale, Sweden ranks as the single best country for debt collectors, while Denmark is on the brink of entering the ‘high complexity’ category.

Basically, the philosophy behind the analysis is that the simpler the process is, the better.

A summery of the analysis can be read here.

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