Sweden ranking the second most productive country in the world – Denmark far in the bottom

Big data can tell us a lot of things; how people move in a city, what diseases a population is exposed to, how to advertise efficiently and target a certain group, how we think, behave, sleep etc.

But it can also be used to various and more or less serious analyzes.

In the latter category, whether it be serious or not, the data analyst firm Priceonomics has just released an analysis where they examine what countries are the most productive, and which countries are the least.

Basically they gathered a huge amount of data from a project management platform, and ranked the countries after the amount of time it takes to finish a task. 

Ranking in the top amongst Scandinavian is Sweden with only 14 days to finish a certain task and actually as the second most productive country in the world, followed closely by Indonesia. China surprisingly comes in at a slow fourth and we have to go all the way down to number 17 to find Singapore, spending an average of 15.8 days to complete a task.

At the very slowest of the countries we cover here at ScandAsia, Denmark comes in as the third slowest country among the 40 at a disheartening 37th spot, spending an average of 19.6 days.

It is worth noting though, that the tasks analyzed of course varies quite a bit from country to country, and therefore this isn’t necessarily a statistically correct analysis, but nonetheless it’s an interesting read.

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