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Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge. World-leading universities that evoke prestige, ambition and the highest level of academic excellence. They are also just some of the destinations that Shrewsbury International School Bangkok’s graduating Class of 2020 will now be heading to as they take the next steps on their learning journey.

For nearly one quarter of that cohort, that journey began at the age of 3 in Shrewsbury’s Early Years (EY), their first and only school.

Naturally, much has changed in the school’s EY provision and environment since 2005. Just as Shrewsbury’s reputation as Thailand’s leading international school has grown, so, for example, has its physical fabric continued to evolve.

This September, the newest generation of EY joiners will enjoy a brand new outdoor learning space; the latest addition to its purpose-built, safe and dedicated environment for Shrewsbury’s youngest learners.  The new EY garden will be four times larger than the indoor classroom space, and has been specifically designed to extend opportunities for child-led exploration, active learning and forest school teaching; another recent innovation to the school’s cutting edge curriculum and where Shrewsbury is already the leader in Thailand.

Creativity and Imagination at its heart:  Shrewsbury’s innovative Early Years Curriculum, based on the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework and specially adapted for international students, establishes the characteristics for effective life-long learning


Yet, just as any successful school must be willing to embrace change to ensure continual improvement, so Shrewsbury also remains true to its values. At Shrewsbury, success has always been built around its people; carefully recruited, highly skilled and dedicated teaching professionals, working in partnership with ambitious and engaged parents and students. Together, they ensure that the learning journeys that start in EY1 (aged 3) are nurtured within a caring and supportive environment, and structured around the same high quality learning principles that have guided Shrewsbury’s GCSE and A level students to some of the best examination results in Asia for the past 17 years.

More importantly still, at whatever stage a child joins the school, the school’s remains focused on ensuring that their learning experience is rooted in the school’s motto “If the heart is right, all will be well”. The understanding that happy learners are successful ones is reflected throughout the individual stories that underpin Shrewsbury’s collective success.

As one Early Years parent recently commented:

“Rosie’s learning whilst playing, which is why I think she’s always happy and excited. Her Early Years have been happy, playful. She wakes up in the morning happy to go to school… so it’s all we could ask for to be honest.”

Growing together: Head of Junior, Mrs O’Brien is looking forward to seeing the EY children enjoy and explore their brand new garden learning space

The child-led, play-based learning approach in Shrewsbury’s Early Years establishes a sense of enjoyment in learning that helps to develop a student’s curiosity and confidence that is continued throughout their life Shrewsbury, and sets the foundations for successful learning journeys.

Panisa (Beam) Maskati has called Shrewsbury home her entire school career. Now heading to Williams College in Massachusetts, the number 1 ranked liberal arts college in America, the memories she holds of Shrewsbury – from the age of 3 through to 18 – portray a true sense of happiness, freedom and a determination to succeed.

“Thank you to my teachers and friends for being a huge part of my journey and growth. It was an amazing chapter full of laughs, friends, learning and patience. I will cherish these 15 years forever.

The start of something special: Our Class of 2020 – pictured here in 2007  –  take their first steps on Shrewsbury’s auditorium stage

Likewise, Pariya (Por) Chanthasensack, who also joined Shrewsbury in 2005, now heads to another highly regarded liberal arts university, Colgate, and speaks with equal warmth about her time at Shrewsbury:

“Thank you to each and everyone who supported me through 15 years of my journey at Shrewsbury. I have had many precious experiences and skills that I could never find anywhere else. It will be difficult leaving, but with all I have been taught, I’m excited to see what’s ahead while always keeping the memories made here close to me.”


Repeated time and again throughout the departing messages of the Class of 2020, heartfelt reflections such as this speak to the full and rounded education that Shrewsbury students experience from day one, and the special sense of community and friendship that is nurtured in the one-of-a-kind riverside environment.

World Class: Shrewsbury’s Class of 2020 graduate to world-leading universities around the world

Drama Scholar Beam, for example, has contributed her talents to Shrewsbury’s renowned performing arts scene throughout her time at the school, whilst Por completes her school career not only with a stellar academic record, but equipped with the skills and experiences gained through the Gold level Duke of Edinburgh International Award. The Award is just one of the rich co-curricular opportunities offered at Shrewsbury, and is a globally recognised qualification that is highly valued by universities and which demonstrates broader interests, commitment, adaptability and transferable skills; all key outcomes of a Shrewsbury education.

For families choosing their child’s first school, the pride of graduation day and progression to university and careers beyond are a distant prospect, but nevertheless an understandable aspiration that guides the decision-making process. At Shrewsbury, the stories of our graduates time and again prove that the fundamental skills and sheer enjoyment of learning that is embedded in the Early Years environment lay the foundations for successful lifelong learning; the start of the journey where the students themselves learn to understand their true potential and gain the skills and confidence to realise their own dreams.

As departing Head Girl Tarnfun (Tara) Chittmittrapap, now bound for the University of Cambridge after 15 years at Shrewsbury aptly summarises:

“Thank you to my teachers and peers who have given me endless support and encouragement. I have grown immensely at Shrewsbury, both academically but also as a person. I will always treasure my fifteen years here!”.

From young learners to World leaders: Head Girl Tara (centre) celebrates with some of her fellow Class of 2020 following their offers to Oxbridge, Stanford and Ivy League Universities. Of the 463 offers they achieved, 209 were to World Top 100 universities, and 43 to the World’s Top 10 universities

Endorsements such as this are not only a great source of pride for Shrewsbury, but for parents there is no greater validation in their choice of schools than seeing their children achieve that special combination of happiness and success.

Happy Children, Happy Parents: Nina and Chicha with Mum and Dad who have been impressed with the progress their children have made in their first years at Shrewsbury

Having initially considered a number of other schools for their children, but now progressing from Early Years to the next stage of the Shrewsbury learning journey in Year 1, we asked Nina and Chicha’s parents if they would recommend Shrewsbury to other parents; “Without hesitation, the level of teaching and the wonderful community at Shrewsbury would make it a great school for anyone. It is a hugely supportive environment for our children as well as us as parents and our experience at Shrewsbury has been hugely positive throughout our children’s time here”.

Shrewsbury Riverside is now open for applications for Early Years and other selected year groups. To find out more about our Early Years programme and to book a school visit, please click here.

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