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If you have never needed the help of a locksmith, you certainly are lucky.  However, that luck is bound to run out eventually.  When it happens, you will be needing the help of a licensed locksmith service.

Locksmiths offer many services.Why will you need a locksmith service eventually?  It could be for perfectly benign reasons, such as wanting to have your locks changed when moving into a new home.  However, locksmith services are often needed in dire situations: you get locked out of your car or someone damages your locks by trying to break into your home. 

When the time comes, you should look for a fast Boston emergency locksmith service that is licensed and well-reviewed.  But don’t wait until the moment.  Instead, find a locksmith now and keep their number programmed into your phone.  That way, when you need any of the services below, they will be just a few taps away.


Emergency Locksmith Services


This is the number one type of service we turn to locksmiths for.  These emergency services are often genuine emergencies in which someone’s well-being could be on the line.  For example, parents have accidentally locked children in cars during the summer, and time is of the essence in such as case.  Another problem many locksmiths have seen are homeowners locking themselves out of their house while the stove is on.  Both of these are cases where the help of a locksmith is needed as soon as possible.

Emergency locksmith services are prioritized over other services.  When you call, the customer service representative will determine how dire your situation is and send a technician over based on the circumstance.  However, even when your emergency is relatively minor, you should expect to receive service in about thirty minutes or less. 


Lock Repair, Replacement, and Rekeying


These services might be emergencies, depending on the circumstance.  However, it isn’t always the case.  These services can be needed for many different reasons.

Lock repair is exactly what it sounds like; the locksmiths comes to your home, car, or business and repairs a malfunctioning lock.  Most locks will require some level of repair eventually.  When you consider how much they are used, it just makes sense. 

Lock replacement can be done due to a lock being beyond repair.  However, most lock replacements are done to improve the security of the home, not because a lock cannot be repaired.  There are many high-tech and high-security locks you might be interested in.

Lock rekeying allows you to stop people who have spare or stolen keys from gaining access to your home.  When a lock is rekeyed, the internal mechanism is changed out and replaced with a new one that allows a new key to work with it.  This is a great way to protect your home at minimal cost. 


Key Extraction


As noted above, locks get a lot of use.  Well, that means your keys do, too.  When keys are used a lot, they can become weak in the middle.  Eventually, they will break off in the lock.

If you notice the key becoming weak, you can prevent this by having a copy made.  However, if you do not catch it in time, the locksmith can help you.  He will extract the key, allowing the lock to function again.  If you have an extra key, a new key can be made based on that.  If not, the lock can be rekeed and copies made on site. 


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  1. A locksmith is a locksmith. If you want to open the door by yourself… leave it! My advice is to call a professional locksmith right away.

  2. I like how you mentioned that it is important to consider the repair of your lock. A friend mentioned to me last night that they are planning to have a new security system in their workplace for safety purposes and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if he consults a trusted industrial locksmith service as they can answer all his inquiries.

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