Many Norwegian children in Thailand at risk of neglect

Norway’s Seamen’s Church has warned that up to 300 children could not be receiving care as a result of families experiencing difficulties, the reported.

Around 10,000 Norwegians are living in Thailand on a permanent basis and many men have children with Thai women.

The Church raises concern that children are not getting the help or protection they are entitled to as Norwegian citizens.

Social worker Astrid Veum Mydland has sent a report to the department of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion.

“My basic and most serious worry is about the lack of closeness in relationships and lack of interaction with the children who lose the first major building blocks of life,” she writes in the report quoted by Christian newspaper Vårt Land.

At the same time, Khon Norway, an association for Norwegians in Thailand, slams the Seamen’s Chruch for its report.

“They use it to be disparaging about living conditions of children in Norwegian-Thai families. Once again, they smear Norwegians who have chosen to move to Thailand and start a family for various reasons,” says representative Oskar Jørgensen.

Last year, the Seamen’s Church also raised concerns about politicians’ apparent failure to help repatriate Norwegian children as a result of neglect by their parents in Spain.

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