Denmark – not Thailand – is Swedish tourists’ top destination

The most popular destination for Swedish tourists is not Thailand or London but close neighbours Denmark according to a new survey.

According to the survey, which was conducted by travel consulting company Resource, Swedes love nothing more than a trip to the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Photo by Tuala Hjarnø/Copenhagen Media Center
Photo by Tuala Hjarnø/Copenhagen Media Center

Travelling to Denmark has been made considerably easier with the opening of the Öresund Bridge which links the two countries. Since the bridge swung open in 2000 thousands cross the bridge daily often to buy alcohol as the Systembolaget does not exist in Denmark.

“Interest in going over the bridge in our spare time has increased quicker than we dared hope,” said Fredrik Jenfjord, sales manager of the Öresund bridge to the TT news agency.

The survey revealed that Swedes made an estimated 150,000 trips outside Swedish shores this summer which is an increase of 2.4 percent. In June, July and August some 6.3 million trips were made.

Along with Copenhagen other popular hotspots for travel hungry Swedes was the Swedish speaking Mariehamn territory in Åland in Finland. Indeed, the Nordic countries were the most visited with only London and Spain getting a look in.

Turkey was the only country apart from the Noric nations to have two locations featuring on the list. The warmer climes of Alanya and Side remain popular with Swedish tourists.

“We don’t travel so far away,” said Hans Remvig of Resource who own and run the Swedish travel and tourist database. Resource (Resurs in Swedish) has been conducting these type of surveys since 1989 where they interview 2,000 Swedish citizens each month about their travel habits.

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