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In today’s society and business environment where time is money and business trips must run like clockwork, travelling to or doing business in another country with a different language and culture can be stressful. A company that can help minimize your risks and make you feel at ease when you are in Southeast Asia is Danish security solutions provider ‘ARMA Group’.

Established last year, ARMA Group is headquartered in Denmark. The operating company in Thailand, ARMA Group Thailand Co., Ltd. was established in January this year. Though the company is new, Jesper is well known in the industry. In fact, on top of his Danish military background, he has extensive experience in security solutions of almost 10 years.

Since 2003, Jesper has worked in international security companies based in Thailand including Danish-owned MPA-Securitas, Guardian-gbs and SSA (Security Services Asia).  With his connections and experience plus knowledge of local traditions and language, Jesper decided to establish his own security company.

“It’s natural for me coming from a military background in Denmark to do this.  I enjoy getting involved with the training of our staff myself as well,” says Jesper.

Jesper K. Pedersen
Jesper K. Pedersen

Elite security officers

At the moment, the company employs over 40 full-time security officers who are well trained, experienced and equipped to handle security challenges for customers.

“There are many security companies out there but we focus on the quality of our security officers. Our officers are ‘elite security guards’.  We aim to provide high level of international standard as well as practical insight on local environment,” says Jesper.

According to him, the company has good connections with local police and army forces as they sometimes require cooperation from them.

ARMA’s services

ARMA provides security and advisory solutions specialized in the Southeast Asia region. The company’s services include all aspects of security from risk and vulnerability analysis, security survey/audits, information services, fixed site security, evacuation, crisis support to close personal protection/executive protection.

ARMA’s customers are both private individuals and companies such as Top Fortune 500, where it provides security services and surveys for factories, warehouses, and many hotels and condominium projects in central Bangkok.

For close personal protection service, many of its customers are CEOs and top executives of multi-million dollar businesses in the west who travel to Southeast Asia and China for business. In this case, Jesper says that customers came to him because they wanted to have advice from someone who has been in the country for long enough to understand the language and local protocols.

According to him, part of the job here is also to manage for customers to meet their business schedules. The operation tends to be stressful because top executives usually have strict business schedules.  He says that a lot of them have high expectations and Bangkok’s traffic is challenging to deal with.

Strong Network in Southeast Asia

To share resources, experience and local knowledge, ARMA collaborates with its partners in Southeast Asia such as Guardian and PSI (Peak Systems International). The company has a strong network in Southeast Asia.

“It’s not that Bangkok and Southeast Asia are dangerous places. We just have to make sure that our customers are safe and that they have positive events going on in their trips because their reputation is out there,” says Larry Peak, Managing Director of PSI, “We want to make sure customers feel confident and relaxed so that they can focus on their work.”

Another main business of the company is to provide private investigation and due diligence for companies wishing to do joint ventures with companies in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. The company does comprehensive background checks and forensic analysis for finance of local companies that its clients plan to work with.

Recently, Jesper and Larry travelled to Myanmar to conduct a country survey and look for business opportunities.

“There are definitely a lot of opportunities there. Myanmar will be booming in the next couple of years and corporate investigations and due diligence will be much needed for companies planning to do business there,” says Jesper.

ARMA Group plans on major expansion within security guard services in the coming 6-12 months in Thailand. To support this expansion, ARMA Group recently employed three top executives from within the security industry in Thailand.

“I feel confident that our team will be able to help our company gain a larger share of the market in Thailand,” says Jesper.

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ARMA support during Thailand floods
ARMA support during Thailand floods

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