Danish-Chinese “Memorandum of Understanding” on pig production

The Rongchang People’s Government and the Royal Danish Embassy signed a Memorandom of Understanding in Chongqing the 27th of February regarding Economic and Technical Cooperation on Pig Production.

The MoU was signed at the Royal Danish Consulate General in Chongqing.
The intention of the MoU is to enhance cooperation between Rongchang and Denmark within areas such as pig breeding, farm management, slurry management, meat processing, educa-tion and training, animal welfare and food safety.

The signing shows the Danish support of China’s “Go-West”-policy. With the signing of the MoU both sides hope to be able to increase the Sino-Danish cooperation within pig production.

Pig production is an area where Danish companies have been leading for many years. It is the hope that Danish companies can introduce their knowhow and expertise to their Chinese part-ners in Rongchang.

Rongchang brands itself as the Animal Husbandry Science and Technology City of China. The Rongchang Pig species is one of the world’s major eight pig breeds and one of China’s three biggest pig species. Rongchang is quickly becoming one of China’s largest cultivation and export bases of piglets. The area annually produces 135,000 sow herds, 908,600 slaughtered pigs and 2 million piglets.

Source: Denmark in China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 3.

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