NetCredit: How much do you need to retire in Asia?

Online personal loan lender NetCredit has recently published a study showing how much money it would require in the bank to retire comfortably in Asia and around the globe.

Destinations in Southeast Asia have always been known as cheap places to retire and they remain competitive in the NetCredit study, and with a much lower cost than the Nordic region.

In the study’s preamble, NetCredit claims the 2021 study shows that retiring in Indonesia will require USD 290,599 in the bank to do it comfortably. Following Indonesia is Malaysia at USD 321,614 and Vietnam remains competitive at USD 353,906. Retiring in Cambodia and Thailand is a close tie at around USD 389,000.

Singapore and Hong Kong are among the ranks of the most expensive places to retire and according to the study, one would need USD 950,000 or USD 871,000 respectively to retire comfortably there. That also has to be compared with NetCredit’s claim that retirement in the Nordic countries like Iceland, Norway, and Denmark would cost between USD 645,000 and USD 678,000.

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