New Danish strategy for export and economic diplomacy includes Vietnam

A new Danish strategy for export promotion and economic diplomacy has just been launched.

The new strategy includes Vietnam together with other major growth markets. “The government is now launching 40 specific initiatives to strengthen our exports to large nearby markets, major growth markets and developing countries on their way to growth”, said the Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen when he launched the new strategy in front of more than 250 Danish companies. “Vietnam and other emerging markets seek technology, knowledge, trade and investments to create a more sustainable growth.


The new Danish strategy will strengthen Denmark’s position and ability to assist Vietnam meeting the needs within a wide range of areas, including agriculture, food, health, water, energy, clean technology, education and infrastructure”, says Danish Ambassador John Nielsen. Last year the trade between Vietnam and Denmark set a new record. From 2007-2013 there has been an increase of 57% in the total trade between our two countries.



Words and photo: Danish Embassy in Hanoi, Facebook.

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