Traveling Lego couple visits Vietnam

One Pillar Pagoda, Hoi An Beach, Nha Trang: these are just a few of the many sites that form the backdrops of photos shot by a globe-trotting Scottish couple. And the subjects of the photos? The couple’s plastic, three-inch tall alter egos.legotravel

The couple, Craig McCartney and Lindsey Haggerty, took a set of photos featuring the world travel tour of a Lego-toy couple whom, of course, Craig and Lindsey accompanied. The photos are very popular among the online community. This Lego couple has so far visited many countries, including Vietnam, Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.

This toy couple is in the image of its makers – Craig McCartney and Lindsey Haggerty.

Craig McCartney said the Lego couple in the pictures are the true reflections of himself and his girlfriend in real life.

Source: VietnamNet

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