New regulations for visa extensions in Thailand


From August the 29th 2014 it will be possible to apply for 30 more days of visa exemption instead of the current 7 days. This means that it is possible to stay for up to 60 days in Thailand without applying for a visa.

Online newssite Samui Times speculate that the new regulation might end out in an automatic refusal stamp with 30 days to leave. But until next week it will just be speculations.

Applicants that are studying at private educational institutions will only be granted a 90 day educational visa at a time and the total duration of the stay must not exceed one year. The same rules will apply for people working in a NGO.

According to Samui Times, the Commander of Immigration has removed the proposed lifetime ban for overstaying more than 10 years. The rules will be standardized at immigration checkpoints and immigration offices throughout the country.

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