New Swedish Priest installation in Bangkok

The new Swedish priest in Bangkok, Erik Stenberg-Roos, was officially installed on Saturday 11 January 2019. The installation took place from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at Christ Church Bangkok.

Anders Stenbäck (R) and Erik Stenberg-Roos at the installation


“The event went very well,” says Erik Stenberg-Roos, who had a great time because a lot of friends and people from Sweden and Denmark were at the installation and his Bishop and his superior from Sweden was there too.

Moreover, there were many nice activities during the installation. The activities included the speech from the Bishop and music by Danish saxophonist Jacob Dinesen and singer Yasmin Kierkegaard entertaining the Swedish people attending the event.

After 4 years of being a priest in Phuket, Erik and his wife decided it was a time for them to try something different:

“It was a time to do something else with our life. We have been in Phuket for four years but then we said to each other that we should try something new.” Erik tells ScandAsia.

Erik moved to Bangkok with his wife on September 2018. His mission in Bangkok is to work with Swedish people living in Bangkok together with the Embassy.

He mentioned about the difference between living in Bangkok and Phuket that “The big difference is in Bangkok everything is very big and crowded with a lot of people. In Bangkok, there are so many activities you can join or look at, so many nice markets and nice people to work with”.

He also added that “however, while the air in Phuket is very nice, the air pollution is very tough for us here in Bangkok.”

The first activity, that Erik Stenberg-Roos will engage in after the installation, is the regular meeting with Swedish people living in Bangkok on Tuesday at Stable Lodge 11 – 14.00 every week.








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