NIST Kids Catering Co. Puts Fun into Food

By Nandini Mittal
NIST Year 10 Student

BANGKOK, 8 August 2014 – In the fast-paced modern world, the food we consume too often becomes junk food or snacks that can be eaten on the run. Many never learn to cook or prepare their own food, a skill that is increasingly rare among youth in particular. Bucking this trend, NIST Kids Catering helps students develop the fundamentals of food preparation and how to plan even large-scale events. NIST Kids Catering Co.

Run by Ms. Natalie Lindon, Design Technology teacher, the catering club includes approximately 15 students from Years 8 to 10. Throughout the very hectic and exciting year, the students had the opportunity to put their skills to the test, catering for a variety of events. From breakfasts for conferences to cocktails for pre-shows, and even board meetings, the club has become a regular feature around the schools. They even catered large-scale events such as the IB art exhibition.

When preparing their choices, the students experiment with many different dishes, mixing sweet and savory flavors. The focus is on canapés of different types, sticking to easy foods that people can just pick up and eat rather than full-out meals. They have even had the chance to work with the NIST Catering team to put together some great food that everyone enjoyed!

NIST Kids Catering is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about cooking and baking to just have fun and develop their skills. All of the club members learned a great deal throughout the year, and received a chance to share their experiences and create dishes for everyone’s enjoyment. Beyond simply working in the kitchen, it teaches students to plan and organize events, take initiative and work together as a team.


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