Nordic Green Run profits donated to Coral Triangle Center

Last month the Nordic Embassies in Singapore used smart technology to engage their communities in Singapore in a competitive run towards a greener environment as they celebrated the Nordic National Days. In Total, the run raised SGD 59,000 for marine protection. Below is a statement from the charity organization Coral Triangle Center’s Executive Director Rili Djohani on the Nordic Green Run SG.

The statement reads:

The Covid-19 pandemic this year has affected all of us around the world and fundamentally changed how we live and how we do business. It has been a strong wake-up call about the connectivity and dependence among people, organizations, and countries. More than ever, we need to unite and work together at all levels as our environment, economy, and well-being are all connected and need to be addressed simultaneously.

We thank the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden in Singapore for organizing the Nordic Green Run SG. It was an amazing collaboration that successfully rallied thousands of people to take direct action in supporting marine conservation in the Coral Triangle. We are thankful to the donors for their generous support of this unique initiative. Our gratitude also goes to the runners who put in all their efforts and energy to raise funds to protect and restore our coral reefs and educate more people about the importance of saving our marine biodiversity. This innovative event inspires all of us and shows how we can collaborate across countries and sectors to protect our planet. Bravo to everyone involved in making this activity a reality.

We have only one planet. The threats to nature and people are global, and safeguarding our future will require awareness, knowledge, changes in mindset and behavior, and collaboration. Now is the time to invest in the protection and sustainability of our ocean, for we know that when we help the ocean, we help ourselves.

I quote: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. We all can and should do something about the threats we face together.

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