Norway grants scholarships for Myanmar students in Thailand

In a ceremony organized at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Yangon on 30 January, Ambassador Ann Ollestad announced that the third tranch of scholarships for Myanmar students to study at the Asian Institute of Techonology (AIT) has now been launched.nor_bur_scholar

The Norwegian Government committed to supporting 120 scholarships for masters and PhD students from Myanmar to AIT. Ninety students (40 in 2012 and 50 in 2013) have already benefitted from the scholarship program. The deadline for applying to scholarships for 2014 enrollment is 21 February 2014.

“I believe that education is the key to development in Myanmar: primary education, secondary education, and not least higher education. I am hopeful and confident that the students awarded scholarships through this program will return to Myanmar after their studies and apply their knowledge and competence where it is best suited, be it in Government or in the private sector”, Ambassador Ollestad said.

The ceremony at the Norwegian Embassy was attended by H.E. Dr. Sahas Bunditkul, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and member of AIT’s Board of Trustees, Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, President of AIT. “AIT is a unique international institution in higher education, members of alumni organizations and representatives from the press.

“AIT is a unique international institutions of higher education, and as the first postgraduate school in the region, the Institute has always worked towards the development of Asia. The experience of Myanmar students has been extremely positive, and Myanmar students have been happy with the opportunity to experience an international environment while studying in Thailand”, the AIT President said.

Details about the admission process are available at the AIT website

Source: Norwegian Embassy in Myanmar

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