Norway presents 2000-year-old Tipitaka to Thailand

To tighten the bonds between Thailand and Norway a 2,000-year-old Tipitaka has been presented to Thailand by the Conservation Institute of Schoyen from Norway.

Kjetil Paulson, Norwegian Ambassador to Bangkok, as well as representatives from the Conservation Institute of Schoyen were present at Wat Saket in Bangkok as the ancient Buddhist scripture was enshrined on 17 February 2017.

National Office of Buddhism Director, Phanom Sornsin, explained that the Tipitaka, whose content was written on palm leaves, was discovered on the mountains of Bamiyan in Afghanistan by the Conservation Institute.

The director also disclosed that the Norwegian institute purchased the relic from a British merchant and decided to hand it over to Thailand in order to tighten the bond between the two nations as well as preserve Buddhism.

Sources: NBT WorldJariyatam

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