Norway’s salmon exports to China on path to recovery

Norway’s exports of salmon to China are on path to recovery, according to the latest available export figures.

However, volumes are still far behind what they should have been, NSC’s representative in China Sigmund Bjorgo told the salmon news website iLaks. saumon_kina

In October 2010, the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel peace prize. This sparked a diplomatic row between China and Norway and Norway’s fresh salmon exports to China have since faced considerable obstacles, as containers would be kept at the border for days.

Although it seems very promising for salmon exports to China, the Norwegian Seafood Council is not too happy with the modest growth.

Compare the first half of this year with the first half of 2010, volumes declined by 10 per cent. But compared with the first half of 2012, the volume was up only four percent.

This, despite the fact that the consumer market for salmon in China has grown in recent years, and it is salmon sourced from Scotland and the Faroe Islands that benefited most for this growth. In 2010 Seafood Council expected annual growth in consumption of salmon for the next few years at around 30 percent. Norway has therefore not been ​​part of this growth, says Sigmund Bjørgo, the Norwegian Seafood Council representative in China to Ilaks.

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