Norwegian cuts Thailand bound flights

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By the end of March, users of Norwegian from Denmark and Sweden will no longer have a direct route to Thailand.

The airline has announced in a press release that it will cancel the routes from Copenhagen to Bangkok and Krabi as well as from Stockholm to Bangkok. The changes will be effective from 27 March and 29 March 2020, respectively.

For the Danish and Swedish customers it means an extra stop somewhere rather than a direct flight to the Asian destination. There will still be flights from Oslo.

Norwegian informs that the changes are a part of a new plan towards profit instead of growth. It will therefore focus on the routes that are profitable.

This means more flights from Europe to USA, albeit not from Copenhagen, where direct routes are also cancelled.

“(…) Scandinavia isn’t big enough to have intercontinental flights from both Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen (…),” Matthew Wood, Senior Vice President Commercial, says in the press release.

The airline also informs that short and medium length routes from the Scandinavian capitals won’t be affected by the changes.

Futhermore, the press release states, that there will no longer be any maintenance of Dreamliners in Copenhagen Airport. This will affect 23 out of 80 employees in Copenhagen’s technical department.

3 Comments on “Norwegian cuts Thailand bound flights”

  1. Norwegian ends long-haul flights to Thailand. COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle says it is ending long-haul routes to Thailand and the United States from two Scandinavian capitals, citing technical issues with the Rolls Royce engines on Boeing 787s and low demand… I have seen similar information at one place, you can also see on

  2. Dear Mr. Engberg
    Apparently Norwegian Airline has changed their route to improve carbon footprints along with other airlines in Scandinavia. If everyone express their wish to fly direct to Thailand to Norwegian airline, they might started this route again (finger crossed).
    Happy 2020.
    Warm regards

  3. It makes me really sad to hear that I will not be able to fly direct from Stockholm to Bangkok with Norwegian. I have flown that route around 50 times since 2012. It has been working very good in your premium (after your change to the worse of your premium it wasn’t so relaxing, which is the point when you shall be able to work direct after you have landed)
    Now I have to find another route or company 😟
    Thank you for this time!

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