Singapore Airlines opens new European ‘fifth-freedom’ route via Copenhagen

The competition for customers intensifies between Scandinavian air carriers and Singapore Airlines as the island-state carrier is opening up a new fifth-freedom route linking Copenhagen with Rome for some long-haul luxury on a two-hour flight.

Scandinavian air carriers like SAS and Norwegian already fly between Copenhagen and Rome but from 16 July, passengers between Copenhagen and Rome will have the opportunity to fly with Singapore Airlines, which over the years has won a sea of ​​awards as one of the world’s best airlines.

Singapore Airlines already flies between Singapore and Copenhagen. The route is now extended with their Airbus A350 continuing to Rome and returning to Copenhagen the next day on the route Rome-Copenhagen-Singapore. 

This is the first time that Singapore Airlines offers this type of European flight, the company states and from Copenhagen, there are departure flights to the Italian capital on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8.15. 

Normally with fifth-freedom flights, the travel trade will sell tickets at a lower price than the airline can.

Commenting on the new intra-Europe route, Erwin Widjaja, general manager for SIA in Northern Europe says, “We are very pleased to be able to offer Norwegian and Scandinavian customers a route to Rome. All our prices include luggage, refreshments, and free entertainment.” 

Source: Business Traveller 

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  1. How does the EU allow this. This company has fired all its Europeans based on nothing more then the fact they are foreigners and has received ridiculous amounts in covered state support (over 10 billion euros as of today) from Temasek holdings the government state backed fund. Europe should ban this kind of companies abusing the wealth of our economies and the expertise of our professionals. Racist hiring policies have no place in Europe! Time to get rid of the parasitic behaviour of city states. SAS is on life support along with its personel, same goes for alitalia… let them find a market in their own so caled covid succes! O wait there is none!

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