Norwegian Minister meets President of Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi


President of Myanmar U Thein Sein received Minister of Trade Trond Giske at the Credentials Hall of the Presidential Palace in Nay-Pyi-Taw Thursday.

Their discussions focused on political, economic, social reform process of Myanmar, environmental conservation, establishment of labor-intensive factories and workshops, mutual cooperation in Information

The Industry Minister Giske says that he emphasized to talk about what Norwegian companies will be able to contribute to Myanmar’s development. He also addressed the importance of clear conditions and transparency around the business. The President expressed strong determination to go ahead with the democratization process, said Giske.

According to Norway Today, Trade and Industry Minister Trond Giske is very happy after the visit to Myanmar that ended with conversations with both the president and the country’s opposition leader. Giske told NTB (Norwegian News Agency) that representatives of Statoil and Telenor were with him when he met the opposition leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.It was useful both for the companies and for her, Giske said.

He points to the fact that Telenor wanted to make clear the conditions, rules and transparency that must be the basis for the company to enter into a multi-billion dollar investment. Myanmar parliament is to adopt a law on telecommunications before the summer.

Minister Trond Giske said that Aung San Suu Kyi has pointed out the importance of the democratic countries’ demands for democratic change in Myanmar. Democratization is far from the goal,

President said that it was his first-visit to Europe, thanking the Norwegian people and government for supporting democratic change in his nation. He also said that the Norwegian PM’s visit in the previous year was a historic visit in the mutual ties although it was a short stay.

He also acknowledged that Norway played a key role in discussions with Paris Club members for lifting sanctions and resumption of low interest loans by the World Bank and other international monetary institutions.

He said Norway’s clearance of Myanmar debt had impacts on other debt clearing. He also proposed cooperation for political reforms, peace building, economic reforms and environmental conservation.



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