Online interest in the Danish royal family from the Chinese

Six months ago, when Hu Jintao visited Denmark, the official site of the Danish royal family has been available in Chinese. It was marketing bureau Schultz Knudsen who approached the Danish court and offered to do the Chinese version of the site. It has been very popular, especially during events like the visit of Hu Jintao i Denmark and most recently when the Danish Crown Prince was on state visit in China.

“We saw the visit from Hu Jintao as an excellent opportunity to launch a site in Chinese so that the people of China could follow the Presidents visit in the country of H.C. Andersen. There are a lot of ties between the big and the small nation and we have seen a big interest in the Chinese version since it first went up in June last year,” Lene Balleby who is head of communications at the court explains and continues.

“Both we and the embassy in Beijing have been pleased with the Chinese site. When there are royal visits in China we can link in our press material. So with few resources we have managed to reach a wider group than what would have been possible with traditional media.

Original article in Danish

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