Chinese use Danish expertise to enter European market

Chinese windmill company Envision is chasing foothold on the European market and Danish knowledge is key. Right now the EWEA-windmill fair in Vienna is taking place. Present is Envision who with their fair wish to prove that Chinese technology can offer competition for the big players such as Siemens or Danish Vestas. And Denmark has been an inspiration to the company and the key players are 30 workers in the Danish division of the company in Silkeborg.  All former employees in the Danish windmill industry.

“We are taking on the European market and we are now in the pursuit of projects. It has to be something that  proves our innovation and determination,” says Danish Anders Rebsdorf who is head of Envisions department in Silkeborg.

Envisions strategy is divided in two. They manufacture windmills that are based on well known technology while the other part belongs in Silkeborg where thoughts run wild. Among other the company recently put up a windmill near Thyborøn that breaks with the traditional technology. The new mill only has two wings which only has two wings which is far from the three winged design called the Danish model.


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