Philippines Norway Business Council selects new board

The Philippines Norway Business Council (PNBS) Networking Luncheon was held on 11 April 2013 at the I’m Angus Steak House in Yakal St. with the selection of the council’s new Board of Directors.

The new Board of Directors are:
Mr. Ivar Thomasli,
Ms. Jannicke Steen
Mr. Rodolfo T. Azanza Jr.
Mr. Jan Andre’ Heggem, Public Relations Officer
Mr. Luis Alfredo Perez, Director
Mr. Finn T. Wattenberg, Director
Mr. Emmanuel Rubio
Mr. Carsten Brill
Mr. Frank Fodstad
Amb. Knut Solem / Mr. Knut Are Sprauten-Okstad, Observers
The Board will elect among themselves the new set of PNBC officers.
Serving as PNBS’ Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting, the event also featured Director General, PEZA, Undersecretary, Department of Trade and Industry Lilia De Lima, who made a very brilliant and endearing presentation on “Why Invest in the Philippines” and “Why Invest in PEZA Zones”.
The event started with the presentation of the 2012 Accomplishments of PNBC, led by President Ivar Thomasli and the rest of the PNBC Board.
And as for the food, finally the famous I’m Angus steak made it to the menu, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

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