Jubilee book celebrates Dansk-Thai Forening’s 70th Anniversary


Delve into a captivating journey through 400 years of Danish-Thai relations and 70 years of the Danish-Thai Society’s vibrant history in this insightful book by Susi Alsfelt Riise-Knudsen.

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Dansk-Thai Forening – Danish-Thai Society celebrated in 2021 the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the society with the publication of the book “Dansk-Thai Forening – 70 års  jubilæum 2021” by Vice-President of Dansk-Thai Forening, Susi Alsfelt Riise-Knudsen.

The author takes us through 400 years of Danish-Thai relations in a comprehensive but brief and entertaining style. This takes up the first half of the  book.  The second half is dedicated to the 70 years of activity of the Society since it was formed in Copenhagen on the 8 February 1951 by a group of distinguished Danes who had been holding important positions in Thailand during the years of the 2nd World War but had now retired in Denmark.

Initially, the society was exclusively for “old-timers” but after a few years, an annual general meeting showed that a majority of the members wanted to offer membership also to others with a relevant interest in Thailand.  New winds were blowing and you cannot help smiling when Susi Alsfelt Riise-Knudsen in a straight forward way writes that “this unfortunately made some of the old-timers pack up and leave.”

The second half of the book tells many details of the society and its activities over the years that few people know today. It is historical source material.

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