Rent a Nurse – professional, domestic nursing care for all ages

 Rent a Nurse (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a service-provider for domestic nursing care in all its variations.

Our mission is to help Patients of all possible care-levels to find the domestic care they need, in order be able to maintain their life activities at their own home, instead of moving to a care facility or even being forced to move back to their native country.

Most chronic medical conditions can be handled safely at home, if appropriate domestic care and monitoring are provided.

We will make sure that the service is well maintained and are able to intervene and make changes to benefit both staff and customer, at any time.

Due to constant monitoring of the Patients condition, we are able to counter-act deterioration of the Patient’s condition right when it occurs. Professional help can be arranged immediately after correspondence with the Patients family and insurance.

Communication is the key-value in medical services, especially for foreigners, as it is the base for building trust and prevent misunderstandings between healthcare providers and their Patients. We therefor see it as a standard to offer interpreter service on a 24/7 basis, which has proven to be greatly appreciated by our Patients and their relatives.

As many Patients have family and friends living overseas, we help both sides to stay in touch with each other and update them regularly about any changes of their beloved’s condition and course of disease.

Rent a Nurse Thailand also assists with non-medical services such as assistance with arranging meal plans (tailored to the Patients medical condition) or escorting the Patient during private activities and arranging transports for necessary hospital-visits.

– professional, domestic nursing care for all ages (certified RN/PN)
– 3 care-levels available, from simple house-visits to comprehensive 24h care (1 or 2 nurses, RN + PN)
– management of staff and assistance with medical equipment for home-use
– fall-risk management and vital sign monitoring
– language service, remote-family-contact service (phone-/video-calls)
– insurance-/third party payer direct-billing service and monitoring
– hospital visit escort, documentation and monitoring
– monitoring of medication according to the attending physicians order
– pre-assessment of domestic space with regards to Patient and Staff safety
– documentation of vital-signs and given medication
– arrangements of physical therapy at home
– assistance with non-medical service (meal-plan, arrangements of transport, shopping tours etc.)

For referral contracts and other marketing inquiries, please kindly contact:

Mr. Oliver Franz, CEO and Founder
Tel.: +66 957291652

Ms. Jarinya Wongkraisron, Assistant Manager

Tel.: +66 971783668

For Patient referral and monitoring of running cases, please kindly contact:
Tel.: +66 971783668 (Thai)
Tel.: +66 957291652 (English, German, Swedish)

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  1. I like this good explanation of the benefits and importance of having home nursing to take care of us and those we love and take care of all ages, I prefer home nursing

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