Thai Ice Cream Rolls takes on Denmark

Thai Ice Cream Rolls are making an impact in Denmark as several companies are making a move to introduce the Danes to the Thai dessert. 

Thai-style ice cream rolls are slowly making an impact in Denmark. Recently an ice cream café from the Danish island of Bornholm has begun distributing the Thai custom over the counter, according to Politiken.

The concept, to those who hasn’t tried it yet, is rather simple: the chef pours liquid ice cream on a  -25 degrees cold plate similar to those used to fry noodles. This is mixed with ingredients like biscuits, berries and the likes and formed into flat ice cream pancakes. These are then rolled up and you have the ice cream rolls.

And these ice cold pancakes are now sold to the Danes, currently experiencing the worst heatwave in recent history, drawn to the ice cream like Chinese tourists to The Little Mermaid. The rolls are sold in the most fashionable part of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and also from a small shop at Islands Brygge.

The company selling those rolls are called Øriginal (“original”, but with an ‘Ø’, possibly signifying company’s origin on the island of Bornholm) and the man behind the company is Gabriel Duquesnay.

“It is made in tree minutes in front of the costumer so it is completely fresh. It tastes of much more than regular ice cream. When you throw strawberries into the mix then it tastes of fresh Danish strawberries,” he says.

He discovered the technique when he was traveling Cambodia and promptly decided to introduce the Danes to it. He bought a freezing plate with his friend and began producing:

“Then we began making it from our garage in Bornholm. We were certain that we had made a mistake in the beginning because we just couldn’t get it right. None of us had any experience,” says the 24-year old Gabriel Duquesnay.

After a while they succeeded in producing the first correct badges of the ice cream rolls and they then opened what Gabriel describes as a “small, cozy 2 square meters shed” in the outskirts of Nexø on Bornholm.

And now, with the success of the original shed, the operation has moved to another shop on Bornholm and, of course, in the middle of Copenhagen.

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