Royal Copenhagen held talk at the Danish embassy, Thailand

On 21 March, Royal Copenhagen, that has moved its production to Thailand, was the centre of an event at the Royal Danish Embassy in Thailand.

Ambassador and Royal CPH
CEO of Royal Copenhagen Mads Ryder and Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther. Photo: The Danish embassy

The theme of the event was how a product grounded in Danish values and history and with a historical connection to the Danish Royal family fits in with contemporary Thai culture and conditions.

Three speakers illustrated different aspects of this:

Mr. Thomas Nyborg, Vice President of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, gave a presentation concerning the history of Danish connections with Thailand, differences in culture and examples from various Danish manufacturers that have found a way to produce high quality products in Thailand by using a combination of Danish values and respect for Thai ideas and preferences.

Mr. Eggarat Wongcharit, CEO/Creative Director of Craft Factor, illustrated aspects of modern design in Thailand based on ancient Thai traditions.

Finally, Mr. Poe Lothongkam, CEO of SVI Public Co. Ltd., exemplified the new generation of Thai companies that are becoming global players focusing on advanced technology and international CSR standards.

Source: The Embassy of Denmark in Thailand

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