ScandAsia puts the spotlight on the Nordics’ circular economy Asian outreach

During SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology) and Singapore Fintech Festival, Denmark’s ‘Sustainability Thought Leader Forum’ showcases Denmark and the Nordics as frontrunners in sustainable development, while the Nordic Innovation House Singapore showcases its Circular Economy & Energy programme. These are very prominent activities among many similar ones by the Nordics recently.

In connection to this, ScandAsia is in a press release announcing the first ever theme for Circular Economy.

In the context of the Nordics and ASEAN, the Nordics’ recent focus on circular economy is not going unnoticed by ScandAsia: “The ASEAN region has already seen a number of Nordic activities during 2019 on this topic, as well as the mainstays ‘smart cities’ and ‘clean energy’. Circular Economy is now in focus for the Nordics.”

ScandAsia, the news and marketing platform dedicated to the Nordics in Asia, states that there are really essential good reasons for this: It reduces waste and environmental degradation; it increases competitiveness, creates jobs and helps switch to a green economy; and it leads to a truly sustainable economic development.

In addition, few concepts make such sense and is so comprehensive and meaningful when it comes to uniting the nations of the Nordics and Asean and their respective public and private businesses in coming up with real sustainability for the future as circular economy. At the same time it generates very significant new business opportunities, the media platform observers, writes the media.

“ScandAsia has therefore decided to give this the highest attention possible, by, in addition to recognising it as a key topic for our coverage going forward, also making it our main theme for year 2020 (and aiming to make it a special edition).”

ScandAsia’s very existence comes down to connecting products, companies and people. Based on ‘Nordic News & Business Promotion in Asia’ as focus ScandAsia showcases and continuously publishes extensive content, in addition to clients’ marketing.

Its platform constitutes a launch pad for businesses and all other stakeholders in the Nordics-ASEAN context that facilitates outreach and engagement. ScandAsia strongly believes that together with businesses and other stakeholders it can make strong impact via the theme, as well as through forthcoming reporting and marketing services.

The theme is a tool for information, story-telling and branding, where all related companies and other organisations and brands are welcome to join, partner up, and contribute, states ScandAsia.

Businesses can take pole position by showing that they are actively involved in facilitating and driving the circular economy – the movement that is gaining momentum and is the answer to the solution of the world’s most urgent and growing challenges.

Responsible businesses can share how they conduct or are adapting to a circular economy model. Tech companies can demonstrate how they can contribute to circular economy adaptation via smart solutions and by challenging the existing practices and business models etc.

Editor in Chief, Mr Gregers Moller says: “We can facilitate the platform for information, outreach, branding and engagement and play a key role as web and marketing platform, based on ScandAsia’s strong recognition in Asia, especially our regional outreach and readership, including the Nordic community and their customers active in Asia. All main Nordic multinationals are of course present here – but in addition increasingly also SMEs including start-ups – a number that we are seeing increasing.”

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“Its purpose is to highlight and raise the bar for awareness and understanding about what undoubtedly offers the biggest opportunities of all and constitutes the most important environmentally and business-friendly model for conducting business and delivering on the sustainability goals for the future!”

The special theme will also showcase how the Nordics are already actively seeking to export its business solutions and know-how based on the circular economy platform, via various educational and outreaching activities as well as partnership-building within the Asean countries, where there are vast environmental and other CE- challenges, and with huge needs and opportunities for assistance and new business generation.

Nordic stakeholders can inspire a wave of technological and business model innovation in Asean, which is in need of new technologies, processes and services – as well as new business models.

The events in Singapore in mid November will showcase how the circular economy efforts very much connect also with innovation and tech start-ups. That scene generate new business for forerunner companies and the Asian as well as Nordic thriving start-up scenes – already including plenty of business partnerships between stakeholders in both regions.

This is completely in line with how ScandAsia covers developments and trends that define and shape the business climate in the Nordic-Asian context. In particular it is a one-stop source to everything that connects the Nordic countries with Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China.

The theme/publication will include mainly storytelling and marketing from businesses and their solutions, and also other stakeholders’ contributions, including insights and case stories. It will take the temperature on circular economy and describe the thinking and interesting actions and initiatives, along with the solutions.

The initiative is aimed for, in particular Nordic, businesses wanting to take pole position by showing that they are actively involved in facilitating and driving the circular economy. For instance, Responsible Businesses can share how they conduct or are adapting to such a business model.

Those with outright or circular economy-related related products and services will showcase these via storytelling and by exemplifying best practices and lessons learned. Tech companies can demonstrate how they can contribute to adaptation via smart solutions and by challenging the existing practices and business models etc.

While the Nordic countries and their highly regarded export companies have a long tradition of developing tried-and-tested solutions within recycling and other cutting edge technologies they also have the experience from the journey as former polluters to becoming the role models they are today. Therefore they possess in-depth know-how and have many related products and solutions.

However, when it comes to circular economy they too are just at the beginning of a journey that is now becoming a priority for the countries also here in Southeast Asia. Nordic countries and Singapore are simultaneously in the process of rolling out their national CE strategies and can therefore collaborate and learn from each other, states ScandAsia.

And to truly deliver on the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals), the Nordics are now strongly embracing and wisely branding their region as experts and being first-movers within circular economy, also from the outset of each Nordic country’s particular strengths and circumstances when it comes to their business sectors.

The launch of the theme is planned for March 2020, and with strong feedback it may be published as a stand-alone publication by ScandAsia. Continuing coverage and marketing will be published via

Stakeholders who would like to join are warmly welcome to contact ScandAsia!

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