Scandinavian Women Want a Maid

Back home in Scandinavia a maid in the house is more the exception rather than a norm. But in Thailand maids are widely used. In fact, Marianne Edelmann Krüger from the Danish Women’s Network in Bangkok does not know anyone without.

You recently moved to a foreign country. Your husband is away on a business trip and the grandparents are more than 8,000 kilometres away.

While you are standing with one child on your arm and another one in your hand, and sweat is running down your face, it might strike you: ‘Why not a maid?’. In fact, it seems like maids among Scandinavians in Thailand are widely used.

Marianne Edelmann Krüger is member coordinator in the social group called Danish Women’s Network. The network has been existing since 1991 and got 48 members. According to Marianne it is very common among the Danish women to hire a maid.

“I actually do not know anyone in my network, who does not have a maid,” she says.

Besides the convenient price for a maid in Thailand there are many other reasons to why so many Danish women in Thailand hire a maid, Marianne thinks.

“You stand alone. There is no grandparents to help you and the temperatures are quite different from what you are used to,” she says.

Marianne has been living in Bangkok for four years now. Before that, Marianne and her husband, who works in Carlsberg in Asia, lived in other countries. As a member coordinator in Danish Women’s Network, Marianne also helps new members to find the perfect maid, when they arrive.

“Maids get recommended mouth to mouth. And if a Danish couple moves away from Bangkok and they had a great maid, the maid is likely to be ‘transferred’ to the next Danish couple,” Marianne explains.

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