Danish Live TV Explodes Abroad

Jesper Nissen was only 15 years old, when he and his cousin invented a company that provides Danish Live TV abroad. During this year, the amount of costumers has exploded. Worldwide, Spain has been the absolute top scorer for years, but now China and Thailand follow up.  

‘Where to watch Danish Live TV in France?’

The question was asked by a random Dane in an internet forum in 2011, and that was the beginning of a 15 year old boy’s company. Today the company provides cheap Danish Live TV to around 7,500 Danes living abroad. The company is called ‘VPN-Byen’, and the boy, who invented it, is Jesper Nissen.

Jesper Nissen is now 19
Jesper Nissen is now 19

“We had no idea how to watch Danish TV abroad in a cheap way. All the alternatives were very expensive,” Jesper says and refers to his cousin Morten, that he started the company with.

Morten, Jesper Nissen's cousin is 23 years old.
Morten, Jesper Nissen’s cousin is 23 years old.

With 7,500 costumers in 100 countries, ‘VPN-Byen’ has grown big, since Jesper and his cousin started in 2012. But it is not Jesper’s intension to make a lot of money on it.

“We have no plans of being a big company. ‘VPN-Byen’ is just a really good way to watch Danish TV, because it is cheaper than the alternatives,” he says.

China is the absolute top scorer in Asia with 10 percent of ‘VPN-Byen’s costumers, next after comes Thailand with around 6 percent.

“During this year, the amount of costumers has exploded. I think one of the reasons are the handball season. And it is also our experience that every January more costumers sign up for our service and they stay with us because they are happy,” Jesper says.

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