Scand-Media starts new PR service

EuroThaiLink is a new market communication service set up by Scand-Media Corp. Ltd. offering European companies to promote their products on Thai social media targeting Thai technical and professional customers in Thai language.

Gregers Moller, the founder of Scand-Media, explains that the expansion is a natural extension of Scand-Media representing the backbone of the service, the Swedish online PR platform Mynewsdesk in Thailand.

“Working with Mynewsdesk, we realized this tool is uniquely qualified to power a service like this innovation, focusing exclusively on Thai users of social media,” Gregers Moller explains.

“We have named this service EuroThaiLink which explains in itself, what we offer. The service builds on our in-house strengths, like excellent customer service, Thai language journalists, detailed knowledge of the Thai corporate sector and staff able to communicate with the European brandowner.”

The preferred customer is a B2B customer with an existing importing agent with existing staff to handle the increased demand that will result from the online promotion of the product.

Interested clients may contact Gregers Moller directly on mobil +66816290117 or email [email protected]


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