Shanghai through the eyes of Danish businessman

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, which was born in 1921 in Shanghai. To mark the anniversary, local media Shine have run a series entitled “Shanghai through our eyes” and their fifth episode features Danish Businessman Simon Lichtenberg, CEO, and founder of Trayton Group.

Simon Lichtenberg came to China after finishing high school. He wanted to see the world and learn the language of the country with the largest population.

To Shine, Simon Lichtenberg talks about the changes he has experienced during the over four decades he has lived in the vibrant city.

“When I came to Shanghai in 1987, there were no private cars on the street, only buses, and bicycles. The average living space of Shanghai people at that time was not on par with what we have now. The heartbeat of Shanghai or the rhythm of Shanghai has been enriched a lot.”

His first enterprise was registered in Waigaoqiao when the registration of trading companies had just begun. He started from nothing but worked his way up. He explains that in recent years the Chinese government has been promoting the concept of “serving as a waiter” which means that the government helps and has become service orientated and they can feel the change. “It has helped a lot,” he says

Simon Lichtenberg explains that many foreign media have been making negative reports about China in recent years, saying that the Chinese government is too powerful. “I disagree. China is not imposing Socialism with Chinese Characteristics on anywhere else in the world. China is not doing that. Instead, it is just taking care of its own business. China is a developing country. Without a powerful government, China wouldn’t be able to develop that fast.

Simon Lichtenberg says that a powerful government is necessary and that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is also remarkable and very strong.

Watch Shine’s ‘Shanghai through the eyes of Danish businessman’ here

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  1. Jeg giver Simon ret. Besøgte Kina med Air France første fly direkte fra Paris og det er rigtigt, at der var ingen biler. Rejste derefter alene fra Peking til Shanghai, det var en kæmpe oplevelse og selv den gang var der stor forskel på Peking og Shanghai. Har mange år senerer besøgt Kina, sikke en forskel!

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