SilkAir increases frequency for Northern Summer 2013 Schedule

SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, will increase services across parts of its route network during the Northern Summer 2013 period (31 March 2013 – 26 October 2013) to meet growing passenger demand.

Most notably, a fifth daily service will be introduced for both Phuket in Thailand and Penang in Malaysia respectively, up from the current four flights a day. Frequency will also be adjusted on selected services between Singapore and points in China, India, Indonesia, Indochina, Malaysia and Thailand.

In China, flights to Wuhan will be increased to daily, from the current four times a week. Services between Singapore and Chengdu will also be increased from daily to 9 times weekly.

In India, Coimbatore services will be increased to four times weekly, from the current three times.

In Indonesia, flights between Singapore and Manado will operate five times a week, up from the current four times. Meanwhile, flights to Bandung will be reduced from daily to five times weekly.

In Indochina, frequency will also be increased for flights to Danang (from five to six times weekly), Siem Reap (from nine to 10 times weekly) and Yangon (from nine to 11 times weekly).

Frequency increases will also be implemented for services to Langkawi, Malaysia, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, both up from four to five times weekly.

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