The Danish Embassy participates on the International Human Rights Day

As part of the celebration of the World Human Rights Day on Dec 10, the Royal Danish Embassy in Vietnam participated in ‘My Voice Counts,’ a campaign indicating the rights of all people to make their voices heard in public life and be included in political decision-making.

Organised by six NGO networks, the event celebrated the Human Rights Day, discussed the implications of the recently adopted ASEAN Human Rights Declaration and the role of Vietnamese NGOs in protecting and promoting human rights.

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton released a Declaration stating that the EU believes “that everyone must be free to exercise their right to equal participation”.

In 2013 Denmark will support Vietnam in this respect. The Embassy, in collaboration with the Office of the National Assembly and with the support also of the UK, will launch a Fund [PARAFF] aimed at providing NGOs and other similar institutions with the possibility to engage constructively in law and policy making processes and to contribute also to the monitoring of the implementation of policies and legislation.

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