Singapore, Denmark, Sweden and Finland in top 10 of the worlds most innovative countries in 2020

Singapore, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are officially some of the worlds’ most innovative countries. Chart: Statista.

A recent report of a study made by Bloomberg shows the most innovative countries in the world based on criteria within research and development spending, manufacturing capability and the countries’ concentration of high-tech companies. The list of criteria makes up a 100-point ranking system, according to the statistics firm Statista.

While Germany and South Korea took first and second place Singapore swooped in on third place with 87.01 points out of 100 points – jumping three rankings up compared to 2019.

Sweden took fifth place with 85.50 point – jumping two rankings up.

Finland dropped four rankings to a seventh place with 84.00 points out of 100 points.

Denmark finally entered the top 10 list of innovative countries with a eighth place, jumping three rankings up compared to 2019, where the Nordic country was close to becoming number 10.


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