Singapore in flames – Swedish metal pioneers to visit SE Asia

Since 1990 Swedish death metal pioneers In Flames has been synonymous with the Swedish metal scene. And now, 28 years later, they’re finally performing in Singapore. 

It took In Flames 28 years to get to Singapore, but now it’s finally happening.

One of the world’s most widely known melodic death metal-bands, the award-winning In Flames, is finally making their way to Singapore to perform at Zepp@Big Box on Friday the 20th of July.

Along with At The Gates, and Dark Tranqulity, In Flames were the pioneers within the genre that came to be known as melodic death metal or the “Göteborg Sound.” One of the things characterizing the band was their wide, almost mainstream appeal with their biggest hit, Only For The Weak, having more than 23 million plays on Spotify.

Their sound is a unique mixture between distorted vocals and “clean singing” with melodic guitar passages intertwining with the virtuoso metal guitar play. So to say, there’s absolutely no reason to think that the concert won’t be an absolutely high-energy storm of fast riffs, sing-along choruses and a suitable amount of head banging.


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