Singapore-Swedish business delegation in Vietnam

On 23-24 April the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi welcomed a Swedish business delegation from Singapore to Vietnam. The delegation was led by the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Mr. Pereric Högberg, the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore Mr. Håkan Jevrell and the President of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore Mr. Jan Stjernstrom.The delegation consisted of 12 Swedish companies from a broad range of industries, such as banking, manufacturing, shipping, transportation and health among others. Many of the companies are market leaders in their respective fields and they were very interested to get a better understanding of the overall developments, opportunities and challenges in Vietnam. After two days of fruitful meetings and discussions, the delegation left with new knowledge about the conditions of doing business in Vietnam, reports the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi.

In Hanoi the delegation got the opportunity to meet with Hanoi People’s Committee and several ministries. The delegation also listened to Vietnamese top economists to understand more about where Vietnam is coming from and where it is heading in the future. In the evening the ambassador invited the delegation to a reception at the Swedish residence where the delegation met with people from Vietnamese businesses as well as with Swedish business representatives working in Vietnam.

In Ho Chi Minh-city the delegation met with Ho Chi Minh-city People’s Committee and gained insights into what opportunities there are for Swedish companies in Vietnam in general as well as HCMC in particular. The innovation, quality and sustainability that characterize many Swedish companies are qualities highly valued and the chairman expressed his wish for more Swedish companies to come to Vietnam.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi

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