Singaporean land-based salmon project signs design agreements with Norwegian RAS specialists

Singapore RAS’s CEO Esben Johnsen. Photo: Benchmark

Singapore RAS, a land-based salmon project, has entered into an agreement with OFS Norge AS (OFS) and Onshore Technologies AS (ONTEC) for a Basic Design Study of its recirculating aquaculture system planned in Singapore. 

In a press release, Singapore RAS writes that the agreement opens the opportunity for strategic and financial cooperation on the project as well as local aquaculture capacity building based on ONTEC’s pioneering Academy in Måløy.

“Singapore RAS aims to establish itself as a leading-edge onshore sustainable producer of Atlantic Salmon in Singapore, right next to the dinner table in the largest per capita salmon market in South East Asia. We are in particular driven by the wish to ensure a maximum of recirculation. With multiple circular economies first’: for sludge, for processing waste, for cooling energy to mention some major elements. Singapore RAS is very pleased to announce our partnership with OFS/ONTEC leveraging OFS/ONTEC’s decades of technology development, with amongst the lowest per unit energy requirement in the industry and a strong focus on local skills and capacity building“ said Singapore RAS’ CEO Esben Johnsen. 

Singapore RAS wants to produce 1,000 tonnes of salmon by 2025 ramping up to 3,000 t/a upon demonstration of biological & commercial success. The island city-state of Singapore imports >90% of the food, and has a strategy labeled 30/30 aiming at increasing local food production to 30% by 2030. It also has a strong focus on circular economy and sustainability, two aspects that are central to this project.

OFS CEO Jørn-Gunnar Jacobsen said that OFS and ONTEC look forward to working with the team in Singapore RAS. “This collaboration, together with Singapore RAS’s central location to other key South-East Asia markets, it’s carbon and circular economy ambitions fits perfectly with us. OFS/ONTEC has a clear focus on research, innovation, and commitment to the local community underpinning our strategic objective in making onshore RAS salmon farming truly sustainable.”


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